Why Protect Your Eyes At A Workplace?

We all have heard about someone who got his/her eyes injured at the workplace, this has become a common thing. As per the studies, it has been revealed that about 2,000 workers experience an eye injury every day, which requires medical attention and are dangerous. 

Any chemicals or foreign objects in the eye or having any cuts or scrapes on the cornea of the eye are very common injuries. Other injuries include splashes with grease or oil or any burns from steam. The last type of injuries are from harmful rays about which we all know, you must have read about the UV rays, which can be very harmful for your eyes. 

In addition to all this, the healthcare workers are at risk of getting any eye infection while working. There are some infections, which are transmitted from the mucous membrane of the eye and even from touching the eyes with dirty hands. So, there are many dangers to your eyes and you need to protect your eyes from all this in any way. You have to wear industrial protective eyewear.
Two major reasons for eye injuries on the job:

1.       The workers don’t wear anything to protect their eyes.
2.       The protection that they are wearing is not appropriate. 

It is very essential for all the workers to get high quality industrial protective eyewear, which is designed in a way that it protects the eyes from any harmful material from rays to dust. The traditional eye safety gear are not that much effective, as they leaves space from the sides and allows side entry of harmful particles, thus you must look for safety goggles, which have a curved shape and prevents each and every corner of eye from coming in contact with dust and debris.


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